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World Coconut Day Seminar held at Coimbatore on 2-Sept-2013  

1. Farmer Producers' Organizations - by Shri.Sugata Ghose, CCDO, CDB

2. Value addition in coconut and assistance from CDB - by Dr.K.Muralidharan, Director, CDB

3. Processing Neera and Value Addition - KAU

4. Natures Best Coconut from Sami Labs


Investors’ Meet on Coconut Processing Sector held at Kozhikode on 11-1-2012  

1. Commercialized Technologies from CPCRI

2. Innovative Technologies in Coconut Processing Sector - CDB

3. DFRL's Technologies for Value Added Coconut Products

4. Minimal Processing of Tender Coconut - KAU

5. Technologies developed based on Coconut - CFTRI

6. Marketing strategy for coconut value added products - CDB

7. Coconut based industrial park at Kuttiyadi, Kozhikode

8. Coconut cultivation in Malabar Region _ CDB

9. Alfa Laval - Coconut Processing

Symposium on Possibilities of Neera held on 27th April 2013 at Ernakulam

(1) Coconut Inflorescence Sap Products - Neera (Keramithram), Palm Jaggery (Kerachakkara) 
- by Dr.V.K. Raju, Kerala Agri. University

(2) Neera and its Products in International Trade - by Smt.S.Deepthi Nair, Marketing Officer


Newsletter on Coconut and coconut oil - COCONUT INSIGHTS - Vol 1

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil - Articles appeared on Coconut Journal

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